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Las Vegas Sands Revenue Numbers Decrease After Third Quarter Loss

This was supposed to be a profitable endeavor when the Las Vegas Sands Co. expanded in the Macau market, but the third quarter numbers were released and the company showed a loss. $48.5 million was the net loss in the third quarter for the Sands, and that equals out to 14 cents a share. Most of the losing happened as gamblers had good luck playing Baccarat and Blackjack in both Macau and Las Vegas. The […]

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Las Vegas Sands Corporation Touts New Casino in Macau

Top casino industry conglomerate Las Vegas Sands Corporation (NYSE: LVS) said today it expects higher than average sales at their new Venetian Casino facility in Macau, China – expected to open sometime in early Fall.   Occupancy is predicted to reach close to 100% approximately one month into business, said company President William Weidner. Las Vegas Sands currently possesses 1 of 6 casino licenses on the tiny island of Macau, a place that has officially […]

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Las Vegas Sands Corp. Plans Too Grand For Kansas City Casino

Traffic issues could keep the Las Vegas Sands Corp. to lose out in its bid to take over a Kansas City casino, as four development groups, not including Sands were recommended Friday by the planning staff for Wyandotte County’s Unified Government. The plan that was proposed by Sands include a $500 million casino and hotel, which would be a wonderful place to visit, except for the fact that the plan could cause some serious traffic […]

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Largest Lottery Payout in History of China Worries Officials

The country of China has been back and forth in their stance concerning the lottery in the past 100 years, and at least one person is happy the country is currently running one. An unidentified man who lives in one of the poorest provinces in China picked up 20 tickets for the “Double Colour Ball”, on Tuesday. He later found out that he was the winner of $14 million. While most were glad for the […]

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Knees Buckle on Wall Street as Macau Sees Steep Decline

On Monday morning, US Casino Industry investors may be shocked to learn that Macau, touted as the new gambling capital of the world, saw a 17% decrease in Chinese visitors last month due to tighter border policy restrictions by the Chinese government. According to reports, the neighboring province of Guangdong brought in heavier Visa restrictions in late May. The 17% drop is a surprise to Wall Street, which was expecting a drop of approximately 9%, […]

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Kansas City to Get State Run Casino : Voters Say Yes!

Today is a day for celebration if you live in the Kansas City, Kansas area and love casino gambling. Voters today went to the polls to vote on a referendum to allow a state owned casino in the county and slot machines at Woodlands. Voters approved the measure by an 80% margin, causing glasses to be lifted in celebration at local bars and restaurants throughout the area. Only 23.5% of registered voters turned out to […]

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