Las Vegas Sands Corp. Plans Too Grand For Kansas City Casino

Traffic issues could keep the Las Vegas Sands Corp. to lose out in its bid to take over a Kansas City casino, as four development groups, not including Sands were recommended Friday by the planning staff for Wyandotte County’s Unified Government.

The plan that was proposed by Sands include a $500 million casino and hotel, which would be a wonderful place to visit, except for the fact that the plan could cause some serious traffic issues at Interstate 435 and Leavenworth Road.

Four development groups received approval for their land use and zoning applications on Friday, but Sands was not one of the four groups, raising questions as to whether the group will be able to overcome the potential problems.

Planning Director Rob Richardson had this to say regarding the Sands proposal, “They have very serious issues to overcome, and I don’t know if they can be.”

While Richardson believes the issues are too much to overcome, Sands officials are thinking differently, “Our experts have said there isn’t anything we can’t fix”, said Sands Vice President Andrew F. Abboud.

There is still time as no definite plans have been made, but Sands must revise their proposal quickly if they want to move any further on this project.


Maine Voters Ready To Make Decisions Tuesday on Casino

Tuesday the polls will open in Maine, and among all of the other things that voters will be voting on, one of the biggest topics on the referendum ballot is about a racino.

The racino would be in Washington County and would be run by the Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe. The tribe is working hard to get the referendum passed as they have 3,300 members, and half of them live on reservations in the county.

The unemployment rate on the reservation currently sits at 50%, which means the added jobs would be a huge lift for members of the tribe.

CasinosNo! is opposing the racino and their Executive Director Dennis Bailey had this explanation, “We want to stop it. Casinos are not economic development. They take money from local communities, money that would’ve been spent on cars and refrigerators and turn it over to an industry that produces no product.”

There is a consensus on both sides of the campaigning that something needs to be done about the economic status of Washington County, only the proponents of the racino feel they have an answer to this problem while opponents feel the economic growth must come from somewhere other than a casino.

Voters will vote on the issue Tuesday and the outcome will determine the fate of the racinos future in Washington County.

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