Gambling on Horses Coming to New Michigan Pinnacle Race Track


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While many across the country are ready to send the horse racing industry to the glue factory, Michigan horse owner and prominent banker Jerry Campbell is gambling that parimutuels can still pay off. Campbell is building Pinnacle Race Track, a $142 million race complex in Michigan near the Detroit airport.

Construction on the new facility will begin in March and be ready to operate about 45 days after that. Temporary seating will be used at first, with the permanent complex containing about 10,000 seats, 20 luxury boxes, a family picnic area, and over 200,000 square feet of retail space.

The new gambling track will have huge benefits to the community. There will be over 2,300 temporary construction jobs created by the project, along with 1,400 track jobs, 1,700 retail jobs, and as many as 20,000 jobs enhanced or created by trickle-down effects, according to comments Campbell has made to local papers.

The new track would be Michigan’s only current thoroughbred course. Starting in 2008, a premier race called the Michigan Derby will be held at the track.

Campbell emphasized the track is a community project, and will host 4-H and other local agricultural and outdoor events.

While the country expands casino gambling venues in most states, a new horse track is an unusual expansion, but Campbell is betting that it will be a huge success.

Ohio Woman Accused of Stealing Money To Feed Gambling Addiction

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Gambling addictions can be difficult to overcome. They also can entice good people to make poor decisions. With the proper help, these addictions can be treated.

One woman in Ohio did not receive the correct treatment for her problem. That has lead to her allegedly stealing over $60,000 from the village she was employed at.

Debra Reynolds has been terminated from her job as a village account clerk after police have charged her with two crimes. She has been indicted on charges of tampering with records and theft in office.

Harrison County prosecutors are claiming that the women stole the money to feed into her gambling addiction. She spent the money on the lottery and other gambling, over a period of two years.

Reynolds was making $28,000 a year as the account clerk. She overpaid herself, then used the money to gamble. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

The village had already been struggling financially. Now, the money that has been stolen has dug an even deeper hole for the village.

When one thinks of problem gamblers, usually sports or casino gamblers is what comes to mind. Gambling problems can come in all walks of life, but with the proper education and treatment, these addictions can be dealt with so as not to be a burden on individual and family life.

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