Gambling Hypocrisy Continues In Kentucky As Expansion Bill Moves On


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Forgive the state of Kentucky if they seem a little bit confused. They have been extremely overAdd Newwhelmed in the past six months trying to figure out of gambling is good or bad for their state. On Thursday, their wavering took yet another turn.

The House Licensing and Occupations Committee approved a plan that would bring expanded gambling to the states racetracks. The plan calls for video gambling terminals to be allowed at seven tracks in the state.

“It’s my speculation at this time, on this day, that I doubt it (gambling Bill) has enough support to pass this chamber. That may change. We’re still in session. We still have about a month and a half to go. But I think it’s worthy that the Bill go through the process,” said House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

A month and a half. That leaves enough time for Kentucky politicians to change their minds dozens of times. The state is in the middle of a legal battle against online gambling sites, and maybe before they pass any legislation that would compromise their stance in that case, they are waiting for the outcome.

Governor Steve Beshear last year successfully seized the domain names to 141 online gambling sites. He claimed that gambling was dangerous for the children of Kentucky. That ruling was quickly overturned by the Court of Appeals, mainly because it was unconstitutional for Kentucky to seize the names.

Now, a government that claims gambling is dangerous, is considering expanding gambling throughout their state. There are several groups who have held consistent on both gambling issues the state is facing.

“This is not government of, by and for the people,” said Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper, Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches.

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