Gambling Raids Sweep Through South Carolina And Ohio


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Authorities around the United States have began their own personal crusade against illegal gambling in their particular states. In Ohio and South Carolina, raids were executed in just the past week.

In Lima, Ohio, police raided an establishment that they claim was opened for the sole purpose of running an illegal gambling operation. The police were so sure that something illegal was going on, that they did not arrest anybody who was at the establishment.

A similar circumstance happened in Williamsburg, South Carolina. Police went with warrants to three seperate locations and came away with three arrests. Gambling paraphenalia was found at one of the locations and also $1,000 in cash.

The raid in South Carolina that netted the three arrests took four different agencies. The Wiiliamsburg Sheriff’s Office needed the assistance of the Greeleyville Police, the SC Department of Probation and Parole, and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office to arrest three people.

“These gambling raids that have been happening more and more often around the country are wasting a lot of taxpayers money. These cops are getting paid to uphold the law, but when it takes dozens of cops to arrest three or four people on gambling charges, the system needs a good looking at,” said Kevin Freelayder.

In Ohio authorities did actually detain several people, but after question they were all released. Charges could be coming in the raid, according to several police sources.

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