Louisiana Casinos Rebounding Nicely After Hurricane Katrina

The state of Louisiana was heavily damaged a few years ago by the natural disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, now they have begun to rebuild and much of the rebuilding starts with their casino industry.

It was not long ago that Louisiana was a viable option to Las Vegas for travelers. It offered many casino options and also held the advantage over Las Vegas in that people could enjoy the rest of the states history while in Louisiana.


The latest numbers have been released and it appears that the states casinos are getting back to their financial roots.

This September, players lost $210.7 million in state licensed casinos, and that is an increase from the numbers from the same time last year.

Although the increase was slight, the numbers are increasing and that is a welcome change for an area that has been struggling to regain its previous success.

As more and more casinos are back up and running in the area, the numbers should continue to increase and a once proud state can can continue to rebuild.

Other numbers released include the states 13 riverboats winning $145.6 million, slot machines at the states four horse tracks won $29.9 million, and Harrah’s New Orleans Casino took in $35.2 million.

Illinois Begins Voluntary Self Exclusion Program For State Lottery


In debating around the country over whether or not gambling should be legal, opponents of legalized gambling say that it creates too many problem gamblers, but in Illinois they are showing that gambling and helping problem gamblers can co-exist.

Today, the Illinois State lottery has launched a program that they hope will reduce the number of problem gamblers in their state.

The program, called the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program, will be available for all Illinois residents.

The idea behind the program is relatively simple, anyone believing they have a problem with gambling can sign up for the program.

Once in the program, they will not be able to redeem any winning tickets from any state locations, meaning that it would be pointless to buy tickets because they could not cash them if they won.

Also, the program would have anyone signed up be taken off any marketing lists that the state lottery might have.

Jodie Winnett, acting Superintendent of the Illinois Lottery, had this to say about today’s announcement, “The Illinois Lottery understands that while its games are meant to be a source of fun and enjoyment, we need to be conscious of those who may have a problem with compulsive play. By instituting the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program we are helping problem gamblers help themselves by limiting their incentives to buy lottery tickets.”

“It is refreshing to see a state that instead of using problem gambling as an excuse to limit gambling, is actually tackling the problem head on to help find solutions and offer help to problem gamblers,” said Gordon Price, Casino Gambling Web’s expert gaming analyst.

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