Lottery Betting Down in One of Nations Most Profitable States

In Massachusetts, the state lottery has been the example set for other lotteries around the country, but the latest numbers show they are well below their target money goal.

The past few years, Massachusetts has experienced some very high income from their state lottery games. In 2005, the state provided $936 million to communities, and the number grew to $951 million in 2006.

State Treasurer Tim Cahill has stated that he continually has warned that this years numbers would not reach the figures from 2006. State sales have been lagging for 2007.

The impact will not be felt this year for the dragging sales, but if sales continue to decrease, individual communities will start feeling the effects in the 2008 fiscal year.

The decrease in lottery sales will only fuel what is already a hot topic in Massachusetts, casino gambling. Should the state decide that legalizing casinos would be advantageous, the money generated from that would almost certainly make up for any shortcomings the lottery might be having.

Governor Deval Patrick, who is a proponent of casino gambling, is currently trying to find the best possible scenario for legislation to allow casino gambling in the state.


MGM Grand Casino in Detroit To Switch Locations This Weekend


Currently, the MGM Grand is holding court at a temporary casino, which has been opened for over seven years. The establishment was opened in 1999 at the intersection of John C. Lodge freeway and Abbott Street.

Come 12:01 A.M. on Wednesday, a new, $800 million complex will be the site of major upgrades at the old casino. The temporary casino was housing about 2,400 slot machines. The new complex will have over 4,000 slots and will also contain an entertainment complex, as well as a luxurious hotel.

The loss of the approximate two days that the temporary casino will be closed is estimated at around $2.8 million. The current casino takes in about $1.4 million a day.

Patrons of the temporary casino will have to find new games to take up their time, as all of the slots at the upgraded casino will be new, meaning none of the favorites the players are accustomed to will be transferred.

Many regular customers are torn between the familiar surroundings of the current casino, and the opportunity for much more comfort and amenities that the new casino will offer.

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