Largest Lottery Payout in History of China Worries Officials

The country of China has been back and forth in their stance concerning the lottery in the past 100 years, and at least one person is happy the country is currently running one.

An unidentified man who lives in one of the poorest provinces in China picked up 20 tickets for the “Double Colour Ball”, on Tuesday. He later found out that he was the winner of $14 million.

While most were glad for the man and his winnings, some were concerned over the potential for more crime and other problems relating to the lottery.

China has had a problem over the past few years when it comes to illegal lottery schemes and crimes that were related to the lottery.

In a statement on The Welfare Lottery’s official website, they warned future customers, “The centre’s officials were glad to hear of such surprising news, but they would also like to remind lottery ticket buyers that it is a recreation the state offers the people.”

Farmers in Gansu only make an average of a little over 2,000 yuan a year.

Pechanga Resort and Casino Moving To MICROS OPERA Operating System


When the Pechanga Resort and Casino in California opened its doors back in 2002, it utilized MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System, and now, five years later, they are moving on to a more advanced system.

The new system, MICROS OPERA, is from the same company as their former system, but the advantages to the new system will make it much easier for users.

The modules that have been selected by Pechanga include, OPERA Sales and Catering System, OPERA Revenue Management System, OPERA Property Management System, OPERA Web Suite, and the OPERA Gaming Interface.

One of the main advantages to the new system is the way that the system is all linked together, meaning that the OPERA Property Management System and OPERA Sales and Catering System, are linked together. This can enable identical information to be used throughout the entire system by different users.

Rod Luck, the Vice President of Information Technology for Pechanga Resort and Casino, feels this new system is the best available, saying, “The OPERA Enterprise Solution is at the forefront of technology for the hospitality industry.”

The system is currently expanding briskly through the hospitality industry, and Pechanga is now a leader in the move to the newest technology available in the industry.

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